Play the newest version 0.07 here! Con-Quest continues with the continuation of the Poke-Con, newer and stronger opponents, much more quests and fresh rewards and animations! We've taken user suggestions and continued the evolution of this very first Pokemon-themed episode! Con-Quest has evolved fairly a bit from its first-ever sequence as a result of the aid, patronage and also user-suggestions in your Cuddle Pit Patreon along with the newgrounds community! Patrons can vote on forthcoming creative choices, submit suggestions and improvements directly the programmers, and get fresh variations of this game early with EXP and Money bonuses! If you like what we do and wish to toss us some funbucks. Art from Emily Check her out at Change Log ----------------- Added hidden revived versions of the prize photographs. The lag from the store room must be immobile. Added a jump button that skips dialogue as well as a button from the options menu which disables the arbitrary cutscenes in the supermarket. Added two new covert quests to your Pikachu cosplayer. Additional the Bulbasaur cosplayer and trio quests involving her. ( 1 narrative and two hidden). Added random supermarket cutscenes for your Bulbasaur cosplayer. Crossing some UI around. Spell buttons look nicer today and the store is somewhat less cluttered. Fixed an issue that allowed the text to be become mixed up if the participant clicked through it too quick. The RNG was changed for the gashapon machine. Rarity of decals now decently reflects fall speed. Saved ladies finally have a opportunity to be summoned in combat after finishing their covert quest. Additional a sans bra personality portrait sprite for Ivy for $10 and up sponsors. Lowered the overwhelm likelihood of lightning storm as it was way too strong. Lowered the damage and healing of mothswarm. Fixed a couple bugs between the save function.
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